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Knowing how to measure bra size is critical for every woman for bra shopping. Therefore we have compiled the following comprehensive guide which is easy to understand for any Pakistani woman who can read.

Measuring your bra size involves following 4 steps:

Wrap the tape measure round your chest just beneath the breasts. This is your Band Size. For example, if it measures 38 inches then your band size is 38.

Now wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your Bust Size. Let’s suppose it is 41 inches.

Subtract the Band Size from the Bust Size. If the Difference is 1 inch or less the Cup Size will be A Cup and If the difference is more than 1 inch or up to 2 inches, your Cup Size is B Cup, so on and so forth. In our example where Band Size is 38 and Bust Size is 41, the resultant Cup Size will be 41-38 = 3 = C cup.

In the example used above, the final Bra Size is 38C. Where 38 is the Band Size and C is the breast or Cup Size which is the Difference of 3 inches between Band Size and Bust size.

Please also check the following illustration to learn how to measure bra size.


Bra Size Chart

A Bra Size Chart may not be same for all online stores but the one we follow is given below for your convenience. If you know your band and bust size, you can easily find out your bra size in this chart. It is highly recommended that you consult this chart before placing your order at silkyfit.pk


What are Band, Strap, and Cup in a bra? (Parts of a Bra)

There are usually three major parts of a bra as given below:

(1) Band: Band is the part of a bra that we tie around rib cage under our breasts.
(2) Cup: Cups are part of a bra that holds the breasts.
(3) Strap: Straps are part of the bra that rests on shoulders and connects the cups to the band. Straps provide support to the cups.


What is Band and Bust in a Bra Size?

For measuring a Bra, first you need to know your Band Size and Bust Size.
Band Size: Band size is the size of your Rib Cage (Torso under your Breasts). It is where you tie your bra around.
Bust Size: Bust size is the size of your chest including the breasts. It is the part of your body that a bra covers through its Cups.

For understanding the method of measuring a bra, please check the article given above on “How to Measure Bra Size”.